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We are a boutique-sized company dealing in both residential and commercial real estate and all types of loans since 2004.  Our client base is broad and diverse... and, our well-qualified Team is able to customize our services to match individual needs. 



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  • My job is based overseas so it is very difficult finding someone that can work with my current situation. Jamal made it seem very easy being able to keep in contact with me and filling me in on all details. He helped me understand how his company is by our side the whole way! We had a 3 bedroom  home and were looking to expand to a 5 bedroom, which of course can get very expensive. He showed me beautiful homes and knew exactly what I was looking for. Not only that, but he also kept in mind a great mortgage price for me throughout the whole process! His kindness and knowledge helped me not only understand, but relieve my stress completely! I now own the perfect home for my family for a completely affordable price!

    ~ arinapopal786