Conventional 1% down with equity boost.  Buy a house for just 1% down!

JFK REALTY & LOAN DEPOT INC. is one of the first independent mortgage companies in the country to offer this new Conventional Equity Boost mortgage program enabling consumers to purchase homes with as little as 1% down.  The California 1% down payment is designed to help Homebuyers with good credit/strong FICO scores* and even moderate income to overcome their lack of down payment and qualify for affordable financing as well as maximize their discretionary income.  It’s an exciting new option for just about anyone looking to buy a home.


  • You put 1% down-payment (can be gifted from a family member)
  • 2% Lender-paid down payment (the actual bank provides this in the form of a grant – which never needs to be repaid)
  • Giving you 3% “Equity Boost” in your home at closing
  • Then, you finance the rest through conventional 30-year fixed Loan (with the option to avoid monthly Mortgage Insurance) and, still get a great rate! 
  • Close in 30 days (or less)


  • Does not have to be a first-time Homebuyer
  • Minimum 700 FICO credit score*
  • Maximum 43% debt-to-income ratio*
  • Maximum Loan amount = $417,000 (or less)
  • Single Family Residence only (No manufactured homes)
  • 1-Unit, Owner-occupied
  • Non-occupant Co-Borrowers not allowed
  • Borrower(s) cannot have ownership of any other property
  • First-time Homebuyer required to take – free - Homebuyer Education Class (Credit Smart)
  • Re: Student Loan Debt: This program will include the IBR/IDR payment on your credit report for DTI ratio qualification


  • Southern California Income Limits are 140% of the area median income (AMI) limit.
  • Income limits are set by census tract and address, not by the county.  (It’s surprising how many census tracts in areas considered ‘wealthy’ have no income limit, or the income cap is much higher than you would expect.)
  • If buying in an ‘underserved’ census tract area, there is no income limit or cap.
  • Income from a non-borrowing spouse does not count when determining program eligibility and income cap limit.
  • Search for all income areas by property address to get the most accurate results.   
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